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DiiVA Cable 28AWG / 18-9413****series

DiiVA (Digital Interactive, the Interface for Video & Audio) is a digital high definition interactive transmission interface, Connector of 13Pin (8Pin data +5 Pin-to-ground) / Micro Connector of 5Pin


1. DiiVA is a digital high definition interface Compatible with compression, the compression and Ethernet

2. Two-way transmission and network functions

3. Wire uses ordinary six types of line, support the transmission distance up to 25 m low cost

4. The family network platform: just uses a single interface and ordinary six types of line then will digital TV, DVD, and video recorder, computer, STB, U plate, cameras etc audio products linked up

5. Personal family network content sharing platform

6. Can compatible with a variety of content to includes technology

7. Higher-resolution

8. Faster refresh rate

Electrical Character:

  • 100% OPEN & SHORT test
  • HI-POT:AC300V 10ms
  • Insulation Resistance: 10M ohm Min
  • Contact Resistance: 2m ohm Max
  • Working Temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC
  • Mechanical Character:

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